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Who is Teejay Johnson?

Teejay Johnson is a female lyricist hailing from Richmond, VA. As a child, this artist began rhyming for elementary school plays and poetry competitions. When she came of age, writing became therapeutic. Most rappers are forced to overcome adversity, which translates into their music, Teejay was no different. At the age of 14 she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. For an adolescent, it can be very difficult to understand the complexities of a mental health disorder, but Teejay wrote through her manic and depression episodes. She learned to utilize the negative energy that she could not rid herself of. After graduating high school, Teejay became heavily involved with the local music scene in Richmond, Virginia. Her four track debut EP, My Perception, was released on October 1st, 2014. This project was centered around the single, Come Back To Me, which was written as tribute to the artists late brother who tragically passed away in an automobile accident. Following her debut release, Teejay toured the south east from her home state of Richmond, VA to Atlanta, GA. Her stops included The Edgar Allan Poe Museum, The Broadberry, Charlottesville Pride, and even opening for Love & Hip Hop star, Rasheeda. Two years after her debut EP, Teejay released her sophomore EP, Love Lines. This project included the single, Rainbows, which received air-time in three different countries. Teejay is now working on a project, that includes a new summer release, Way Up. 

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The magic begins within the writing process for this lyricist. She focuses on one song at a time to craft the best combination of song writing and production quality. With over 30 tracks recorded and published from central Virginia to Colorado, Johnson still strives for perfection with every song she creates. Teejay specifically focuses on lyrical complexity, wordplay, and punchlines.


If you're one of the over 1600 attendants of an Above The Bar performance, you know positive energy is always present! Johnson is known for crowd interaction and putting on unforgettable shows for her supportive fans. Drawing an average crowd of 50 people, over 75 shows played from the East Coast to the Midwest, Teejay is dedicated to putting on the best show possible for her following.

Behind The Music

Whether it's a music video, snippets of the writing process, or just an up to date listing of performances, Teejay keeps her following updated between releases. Johnson has held various contests on social media for giveaways to show gratitude to those who support her musical journey.

"If no one listened to my music, I wouldn't be in the position to continue making it. I am eternally grateful to everyone who has played any of my music." -Teejay Johnson

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What Is Next?

Way Up (Release TBD)


Way Up is a single Teejay Johnson will be releasing this summer. This track is filled with raw emotion and intricate wordplay. The lyricist created a modernized hip-hop song with the penmanship of the 90's era. The verses hit hard with political and social punchlines that is impressively balanced with the calm catchy vibes of the hook. 

Most Notable Bars Explanation:

In verse one, Johnson says:

" They hated Obama, called him a threat, 45 came in and niggas was left,

  These bullets they fire, aim for the chest, they breedin' the foolish and sentence the rest."

These two bars are filled with political ammunition regarding the people of color in our country. While former president, Barack Obama was in office, he affected real change and was still the target for conservatives. After his term ended, the culture and safety for POC completely diminished. These lines discuss that turmoil and the alarming imprisonment rates of POC.

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